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A tiled roof can transform your conservatory, bringing you year-round comfort and saving you money.

Conservatory roof replacement solutions, by Roofliner

Our range of replacement conservatory roof options is crafted from excellent C24 wood. Because of the excellent insulation in the roofing, your conservatory becomes a year-round space. Visit our website to learn more about the various roof style alternatives that are appropriate for a variety of body types and aesthetic tastes. Learn about our tile alternatives and the significance of our integrated ventilation and how it will avoid condensation.

Our collection

Our Solid Roofs are made using a special modular system that comes in pre-built pod form, allowing you to customise the product to your exact specifications. Icotherm roofs adhere to building control rules and are backed by structural calculations. We provide four distinct styles to meet every need.


Our Most popular roof style, initially designed as a replacement roof.


A contemporary version of our time tested Icoroof with full length glazing


The pitch of this roof can be a low as 3 degrees, and its modern steel alloy look

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Conservatory Roof Replacement specialists

When choosing to replace the roof of a conservatory or build a new single-story addition, our solid roofing with lightweight tiles are a cost-effective, functional, and visually beautiful choice.

Building Control Compliant
Building Control Compliant
Our system is fully compliant with Building Control Regulations
Sustainably sourced timber (FSC certified) and recyclable insulation for a reassuring green option.
Thermally Efficient
Thermally Efficient
Use your room all year-round thanks to the highly insulated roof.
10 Years Guarantee
10 Years Guarantee
Every roof comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty